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Mycontrolcard – Control Prepaid Master Card

Mycontrolcard ( Are you looking for a card that is not a regular credit card for you and you want to pay from it. Today I will talk about a similar card in this post called Mycontrolcard or Control prepaid MasterCard. This is credit card offers by BIT & Netspend and giving you an opportunity to avoid credit card and overdraft fees. If you received card can manage on Mycontrolcvard login page. Check the steps mention on this page.


The Control Prepaid Card is issued by MetaBank, located in Storm Lake. Control prepaid MasterCard or my control card is designed for users who want to pay with card, but don’t want a regular credit card. Control prepaid card allows the user to spend money already in your account. So you can avoid bounced checks, interest payments or overdraft fees. Control Prepaid MasterCard does not require a credit check, so a full guarantee of approval. However, this will not help you create credit and some online merchants do not accept prepaid MasterCard. It is the unlimited organization of the largest payment network available for you. Those clients who have card provide by Metabank can manage card activity like as available balance, transaction history, update info etc.


Only those user is able to utilise all benefits having an account on The account holder can be access with his/her account using account Username or Password only. If someone forget their password can be regenerate after a click on “Forget Username or Password” option place below.

Control Prepaid MasterCard Overview:

Once you received master card need to activate it. All customer remember that without activate will able to use it or any purpose. Once you create an account can manage all activity concern with your master prepaid card anywhere, anytime.

There are some limitation as well as some benefits when you are going to use control Mastercard. One main question is how much balance can we keep in it? When you deposit at least $500 in your account, you will qualify for an automatic upgrade for 5 dollars per months. You can keep a maximum balance of $ 15,000 on a Control Prepaid MasterCard. If you are close to the maximum balance, it can work and deposit your money into an account that saves interest, such as a savings account, CD, or money market account. Bank charge up to $ 7.95 monthly. There is no activation fee for control MasterCard. This card charges a monthly maintenance fee of up to $ 7.95. Each time when reloading the card, its reload fee is up to $ 4.95. You can withdraw $ 940 daily on Control Prepaid Mastercard. Mycontrol Card sets a daily deposit limit of $ 5,000. If you want to do a card replacement, you have to pay $ 4.95.

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How to apply for a Control Prepaid MasterCard?

  • First of all visit MetaBank’s website which is
  • Above web address bring you to home pega, now search a suitable link for “Open New Account” to proceed new window.
  • Now the user will redirect to another page, fill the application form here. The consumer requires you to provide some personal information such as name, address, date of birth, street address, zip code, email and SSN, etc.
  • Check the information whether the information given by you is accurate or not. Before going to final submission check details once again.
  • Now press on Get My Card. Once application form approved bank will send further formalities. Complete each.

Mycontrolcard Login Procedure:

To have your own Credit Card Account you have to make your login. By the steps mentioned below, you can have access on your Control Prepaid MasterCard Login.

Step (1) Follow this login link.

Step (2) You’ll see the Account Login page.

Step (3) Fill the fields with your Username and Password.

Step (4) Now click on Sign in to manage your personal prepaid master card account

Step (5) The above process will let you log in to your account through the website.

MyControlCard Customer Service Phone Number:

Dear customer, if have any type of enquiring regarding card can contact to customer care. You free to call o working days only.

By phone:
Toll-free: 1-866-753-6324 website
Monday to Friday: 8 AM-10 PM Central Time
Saturday and Sunday: 8 AM-8 PM Central Time
Closed on federal holidays.

By email:

If you believe you may have a control card account or have been compromised, call us by telephone. If you prefer to contact us electronically, please email your information to the details below using the ‘secure inbox’ within your control card online account centre. Your request will be answered within 48 hours.

By mail:

Control prepaid Mastercard
c / o NetSpend Corporation
PO Box 2136
Austin, TX 78768-2135

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